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V-Moda's been significantly edging for the audiophile crowd currently -- namely with its Crossfade M-eighty on-ear headphones, the VAMP headphone amp for the iPhone 4/4S, and a soon-to-be disclosed followup dubbed as Vamp Versa. That brings us to its quickly-to-be launched M-100 headphones, which haven't really been a secret since their inception, making them a particular set. In contrast to many corporations who attempt for secrecy with reference to upcoming products, V-Moda's taken a drastically completely different approach with its latest cans, with owner Val Kolton stating that they're effectively the primary crowd-sourced set of headphones. Many headphone lovers on the market seemingly know that Kolton's been closely in touch with the top-Fi group, hoping to craft the very best sounding, trying and fitting ear-gear attainable. It may be exhausting to tell based mostly on the vogue-focused appears, but the corporate is adamant that its audio gear goes by means of extra stringent analysis and testing than a few of the biggest names out there, and that it'll present in the end merchandise. In response to Kolton, most companies only verify at 1Khz, and permit for a lot wider variances.

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